The Storm

As I see the pictures and read the reports, my heart sinks. The devastation of the recent hurricane Michael in the Gulf Coast area and beyond is record setting and incredibly horrible.The storm was massive and the damage unimaginable. As I write this leadership moment, people are struggling to get food, water and shelter. Many have lost everything and the repairs and restoration will take months and even years. I know that the communities and towns in this monster's path will rebuild and regain their beauty, but for now, the grief is more than words can describe. 

Please take a moment and pray for those who have lost their homes, businesses, churches and entire communities due to this storm.Pray for the brave rescue teams who are still searching for survivors and victims while bringing aid to those in need.  Pray for restoration and hope to the thousands who will need a strong dose of perseverance and determination to fight their way back to the life they once knew. 

Some of us can donate funds, some can go help physically, but all of us can pray‚Ķit does make a difference.