Speak Up

It was an important meeting with the leadership team. The issue was crucial and complicated. For the first half of the meeting, there was silence….from the leader. He did not say a word, but instead, listened. Then he asked a series of questions and follow up questions. 
One of the myths that plague leaders today is the idea that leadership means talking. Leading a meeting does not mean dominating or controlling the meeting. Leaders who are slow to speak are those who make the strongest decisions. A wise executive once told me, "I guard my words very carefully and try to speak with intention and purpose." 
Allowing others to speak up is a sign of a self-confident and mature leader. Having to always give commands and direction is a sign of a weak leader or weak team. When there is room for discussion and debate, relationships grow both personally and professionally. 
Choose to allow others to speak up and you will make a difference!

- Larry