Right Under My Nose

Sometimes you find strong leadership right under your nose. My sister-in-law, Charlotte, has been leading for a long time. She is incredibly civic minded and has a heart for education among other things. She has been leading an uphill battle to begin a charter school in her city. This is an extremely controversial issue in her community that threatens the current and long standing educational leadership base. I'm not casting judgment or making assumptions on the motives of those who have been in opposition, but the fact is that they have created substantial obstacles for years concerning the issue. Charlotte's passion, determination and competence demonstrate what it takes to be successful in the leadership arena.

I have watched as she steadfastly pursued her passion for providing quality education for children from all walks of life. She navigated obstacle after obstacle and through this process, that has been years in the making, she never gave up. Charlotte leveraged her experience, education, and professional connections to lead with wise competence.

I find leadership in a variety of places and through diverse experiences. There is no doubt that as the doors of that small charter school open to its brand new students, it will be the beginning of a plethora of leadership moments. Hat's off to all of the parents, staff, administrators and business partners who worked to make this dream become a reality.

It has been nothing short of inspirational to see how the servant leadership of Charlotte is making a difference in the lives of children and their families.