Leadership Coaching Techniques to Inspire Your Employees

Leadership Coaching Techniques to Inspire Your Employees

How much time do your managers spend coaching their employees? Does their coaching merely consist of giving reviews, holding occasional meetings, and offering advice? Leadership coaching should extend beyond these basic tasks. An effective leader is one who focuses on helping another learn in ways that they can build on later. Asking questions and making them think, instead of telling people what to do, are great ways to foster learning.

When employees are motivated to do well at work, they tend to be happier and more efficient at doing their jobs. This translates into improved results for the business, as well as company culture, and employee’s workplace satisfaction. But, how do you create a motivated and inspired workforce?

5 Leadership Training Techniques

Empowering your company's leaders to motivate employees through leadership training programs is one of the best things you can do to improve employee culture, retention, and productivity. It can also prepare the next generation of leaders in your organization for a new level of responsibility.

  1. Build up trust between leaders and team members. Employees are more likely to be open to leadership coaching if it comes from someone they trust. Establish appropriate boundaries, clearly define learning and development objectives, be patient, and follow through on promises. Improving trustworthiness encourages employees to have an open mind and they’ll be more willing to strive for new or challenging goals.

  2. Believe in your employees' potential. Nothing sets the stage for failure faster than a manager who doesn't really believe their employee can do the job, or do it well. When you approach training from a position of genuinely wanting to help your employees succeed and grow, they will pick up on that and will be inspired to give it their all. You have to give workers a chance, and understand that mistakes are part of the process, in order to help them reach their full potential. After all, you wouldn’t have hired them if you didn’t think they were competent enough to handle the job. Give them the opportunity to shine with a new project or added responsibilities, but be available as a helping hand if needed.

  3. Recognize a job well done. Using token rewards and other positive reinforcements are often a part of business training programs, and for good reason. Employees are more likely to be engaged when there's something tangible at stake. If training participants know they can win a shirt with the company's logo, or a nominal gift card for the sandwich place down the street, you're likely to see both participation and engagement in training rise. Even something as simple as a company-wide email shout-out can prove to enhance employee satisfaction.

  4. Set clear expectations and targets. At the beginning of a training session, and periodically for longer, multi-day sessions, be sure to clearly define what the goals and expectations of the training program are. Then, check in with participants periodically, and at the conclusion of training to see whether employees feel like you met those goals. Communication is an integral part of employee motivation - a concerted effort to improving it can yield big results.

  5. Assess and encourage good behaviors. Before setting goals managers must assess the current landscape and the individual employee’s past and current performance. By identifying where you’ve been and where you are, you can more clearly define where you want to go. Along the way to achieving these goals, leaders must provide encouragement through careful listening, an open mind, and recognizing successes.

When you invest in leadership training for your organization, you're helping your current leaders be more effective which, in turn, leads to more motivated and engaged employees. You can also use leadership coaching programs to nurture the future leaders of your organization, helping them learn the skills they'll need to take and carry the baton later.

Management Training for Your Organization

Every organization can benefit from leadership coaching and management training. Not only can it help revolutionize the way your leaders train and manage their employees, it also creates a strong culture within your company. Leaders and employees alike will recognize that you value them, and that you're invested in their success, which are both key elements in creating an engaged workforce.

The techniques gained through our leadership coaching can be applied to all levels of your organization. Not only can your team leaders learn to manage effectively, but your lower-level employees can learn the leadership techniques that will help them grow in your organization and have the ability to successfully lead their own teams in the future. This decreases employee turnover and increases workplace satisfaction.

Bring this course to your organization and start seeing the immediate changes you can make today, as well as setting achievable goals for the future to inspire your workforce.

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