Kamal has been working for a large International Hotel conglomerate for over 22 years. His job is to provide transportation for the people who stay in the hotel. I was on a work trip recently and Kamal was driving me to a meeting. His phone rang and I overheard his conversation with an unhappy and obviously upset executive. It appears that this gentlemen needed his suit cleaned and the hotel could not meet the deadline in which he needed it returned. Kamal politely told the executive that he knew of a nearby cleaners and that he would personally deliver the suit and have it to him first thing the next morning. Kamal later explained to me that he tried to take care of the hotel guests as if they were his guests. As we were talking, I discovered that I had a few extra minutes and Kamal had an idea. The next thing I knew, we pulled up to a DQ for an ice cream to help us battle the heat of a summer day.

It is rare to come across someone who truly understands what it means to take ownership and pride in what you do. It seems many times minimum effort is offered with the desire to simply check the box.

Early the next morning, I saw Kamal (on his off-day) delivering the freshly cleaned suit to his guest. What a refreshing example of true and effective leadership he demonstrated. Thanks Kamal for the ice cream and for making a difference!