Just A Wish

Meet Ian. But it better be quick, because he is moving. This executive is going to invest in another part of the mega corporation in which he is a leader. A colleague of mine has walked with Ian for a number of years as his executive coach. There is no doubt that Ian has impacted her life and mine for the better. In the last offsite with his leadership team, Ian said that he wanted them to continue to grow…"not just for the company but for yourself". He encouraged his team to work their growth plan because as he likes to say, "Working without a plan is just a wish". He has worked a plan to invest in the lives of his teammates for a long time. He made sure that each team member had the opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

To say that Ian is driven would be an understatement. He is a hard charging "Lion" in our Make A Difference vernacular. But he chooses to lead out of his comfort zone realizing the importance of developing people. In his words, he is committed to "work himself out of a job" by mentoring and training the next level of leaders.

Time and experience defines character. Ian has a proven track record of leading with intention to invest in those who are within his circle of influence. That intention has resulted in great leadership for his organization. More importantly, it has resulted in Ian making a difference in the lives of those he loves, lives with and leads.