It Happened Again...

It happened again. He pontificated about things like trust, integrity and emotional control. He gave mini-dissertations that centered on himself and how he leads so well. While his dronings were a bit frustrating, those who worked with him tolerated them. That is, until it happened. When a crisis arose where this leader's words were put to the test, he failed. His behavior in no way supported his "leadership sermons". He instead responded with emotional bullying, ranting, accusations and defensiveness. His response escalated the situation from a misunderstanding to a full blown crisis. His poor leadership heightened anxiety and stress for all those involved.
Have you ever noticed that those who lecture the most lead the least? Those who need to preach about their own virtues generally display little of those same values in the heat of the moment. It happens over and over again. The self-proclaimed strong leader generally produces the opposite effect when their authority or influence is threatened.
Conversely, those leaders who lead with their behavior, build trust. Show me a leader in the midst of a life firestorm and I'll quickly know what kind of leader she is. Everyone makes mistakes and missteps from time to time. This is not about always making the right calls. It is about how we make decisions, putting others first and controlling our behavior. It's about showing respect to those who are within our circle of influence. It's about having the courage to admit and own our shortcomings and then taking corrective action. It's about humility.
Don’t let it happen to you. Make a conscious decision to lead with respect and a sincere concern for others and you will make a difference.