CEO Coaching is for More than just CEOs

CEO Coaching is for More Than Just CEOs

Study shows that most CEOs realize the importance of having a coach. However, they are not likely to engage in the coaching process. In other words, many CEOs admit their need for coaching but they are not willing to have a coach.

There is no doubt that CEOs who have an ongoing coaching relationship are more effective and productive as leaders. Also, once the CEO has experienced the benefit of coaching she is much more likely to recommend ongoing leadership coaching for her team. The benefits of coaching extend much farther than the CEO herself. Executive coaching yields results that affect an entire organization. That’s why coaching at every level of leadership is vital to the success and health of any company or team.

Here are a few reasons that leadership coaching for the CEO, is about more than just one person.

Self Awareness

CEO or executive coaching is not tactical in nature. It is not about how to lead tasks or organize your day. It is not designed to provide a rigid framework for the leader. It is about relationship. It is about increasing the self awareness of the CEO or executive. When the leader raises her awareness of how she responds to others and how others perceive her, her effectiveness will sky rocket. The purpose of coaching on this level is to provide the executive with upper level thinking that will strengthen the significant relationships in her life.  When an organization is led by an individual who is leading from a self-awareness mindset, strong relationships are developed throughout the entire leadership team.

High Performance

While most executives consider themselves high performers, the busyness of leading an organization or team can impede their ability to lead on an upper level. CEO or executive coaching challenges the leader to hold herself accountable in areas other than task driven metrics. High performance is not simply a tactical measurement. It includes consistently making strong and effective decisions that are strategically driven throughout every system within the organization.  While being self-aware allows the leader to develop strategic relationships, accountability drives performance. Developing a strong process and system for continued growth among the leaders of an organization will yield incredible results on all levels of the company. High performance is not something that is easily attainable or quickly gained. Executive or CEO coaching will consistently drive the leader to perform at her highest level possible.

Increase Influence

Perhaps the most important benefit of leadership coaching at the CEO or executive level is the increased influence that the leader will experience. As the coaching relationship strengthens and accountability continues to garner high performance, it is inevitable that the influence of the leader will rise. The significant result of this process is an increased circle of influence on a professional and personal level. In other words, the leader will have a greater impact not just in her professional world but in her personal life as well.

CEO or executive coaching will provide benefits that go well beyond the individual leader. Through experiencing self-awareness, high performance and increased influence, leaders who choose to engage in the coaching process will make a difference! Start our CEO coaching course today to see what difference it can make for your organization.