Breath of Fresh Air

Our team has the privilege of serving as the leadership consultants for a large organization comprised of brilliant entrepreneurs. This week we have been with these entrepreneurs, talking about leadership. It is amazing to hear the stories of men and women who are in the trenches leading every day. The heart they have for the well being of their teams, the desire to authentically lead well and their thirst for learning is nothing short of inspirational. In a society where many companies are self-serving and profit driven, this organization is a breath of fresh air.  

One entrepreneur told me that he has made a commitment to invest in his family, his team and others. He says he is looking daily for opportunities to help others who are struggling with relationships in their lives. Another told me that she has taken on the role of doing more than being a boss to her team. She said that it is her responsibility to speak into their lives with authenticity and vulnerability. I could fill up pages with similar stories. 

These leaders are ordinary men and women with an extraordinary take on leadership. They are intentionally investing in the lives of those within their circle of influence. Thank you HTG leaders, for leading above the line and consistently making a difference!