I learned a new term this week. It came from an offsite being facilitated by one of our Executive Coaches. The term is Accelerated Relationship. The discussion from this seasoned leadership team centered around how to accelerate a strategic relationship. Can that even be accomplished? The answer is yes, but it may not be easy. 
The group of leaders participating in the offsite created an action item around it. They decided to embed the concept into their personal leadership objectives. This means that these highly task driven leaders knew the importance of developing solid relationships internally and externally. They also realize that accelerating a relationship will not happen by chance or osmosis. It takes work. 
The leaders committed to invest in increasing their communication skills. They talked about the importance of listening, learning and then asking good questions to enhance and develop a relationship. So many times leaders do not take the time to identify and diligently work toward improving relationships that are critical for success. 
The most critical of these relationships are with those who are in our family and close circle of influence. The good news is that with work and investment of ourselves, those relationships can get better. The bad news is that it can be difficult and at times frustrating. It is simply a choice. 
Hats off to this team and their leader for tackling this important leadership principle! Choose to intentionally accelerate the relationships in your life and you will make a difference.