Above the Line

These are leaders in space, intel, cyber, radar and other highly technical and classified areas. They are leading a company with remarkable growth and a future that looks incredibly bright. Yet they wanted more. These leaders were not content to simply lead a company to make more money. They wanted more than a strong EBIDA or net worth. They were gathered at a leadership strategy offsite to face a very difficult challenge. They wanted to define, clarify and pursue their purpose as leaders. They were determined to understand and experience alignment like never before. They chose to be vulnerable, transparent and authentic with one another. They realized that the success of their organization begins with each of them. They also recognized that success is more than a positive number on a financial statement. They wanted to Lead Above The Line.

I heard them share their celebrations and their struggles, none of which had anything to do with the tactical goals of the business. I saw the authentic support, encouragement and care that they intentionally demonstrated for one another. I saw the senior leaders on the team set the pace for developing a culture of servant leadership.

One might ask, "Why is it important to go through this process of purpose driven leadership?" It's not important if your only goal in life is to make money or garner power and control. It is essential if you desire to be about truly expanding your influence in a positive way. Likewise, if you take your responsibility as a leader seriously, then you must be willing to invest in the lives of those you lead.

I challenge you to take a step back and ask yourself if you are living and leading with your purpose utmost in your mind. It is my opinion that these purpose driven leaders will take their company to new heights. I know that as they Lead Above The Line, they will not only grow a greater company, they will make a difference.