A "Great Move"

It always catches me off guard. It seems I never expect it. But I should, I guess. The leader was explaining to me what had just taken place. A team member just had a conversation with her that left no doubt of his intentions and motivation. He was leaving her team to join another division because it was a "great move" for his career. This is not a bad thing. But this team member made it clear he felt no obligation to make a smooth transition or to help his former team who will now be short-handed. The leader said,The bottom line is that he cares only for himself and his career".

Such pure selfishness always amazes me. I am all for growth and advancement and opportunities. However, when we put ourselves ahead of doing the right thing for others we become narcissistic. My advancement does not have to come at the cost of hurting others. I have witnessed leaders who are hugely successful but have not gained that success by stepping on or neglecting others. Instead they display an attitude of humility and are constantly helping others even if it does not benefit them or their careers. They understand that they did not receive their success in a vacuum.

The same is true in our personal relationships. When we take the time to authentically put others before our own desires we demonstrate unconditional love and acceptance. We all could use a little more of those things.

It is a simple, but sometimes difficult, decision to consistently care for and reach out to others. Our decision will define our character.

Choose to be a leader who offers a helping hand to those around her and you will make a difference