"She had a huge impact on my life,” he said. Joe is a member of the millennial generation. He was talking to me about his grandmother who helped raise him. They had a special relationship and Joe was there to care-give for her during the last season of her life. This young man selflessly put his life and his personal agenda on hold to give back. If you have ever been a caregiver, you know that it is, at times, a very challenging and grueling job. It requires commitment, humility, hard work and perseverance. 

When asked about leadership competencies, many times we hear things like vision, good decision making skills, execution and accountability. While all those are certainly important, perhaps an even more important attribute is the ability to serve others. While it may sound cheesy or like a cliché, when taken seriously, it is very difficult to accomplish. I have found that those who dismiss or who are critical of the serving concept tend to be weak and inefficient leaders. 

My conversation with Joe reminded me of the importance of servant leadership. I appreciate the young leaders of his generation who understand and demonstrate what it means to truly care for others. It gives me great hope to think that our future leaders will lead not just from their head, but from their heart as well. 

Joe served his grandmother with care and compassion. When we lead with those same virtues we will make a difference.