The Right Things

I am a very intentional person. Problem is, I get too intentional at times or I am intentional about the wrong things at the wrong time. Such was the case recently when I was zoned in on a problem that I allowed to consume me. In fact, I was so intentional about solving this problem that I neglected to interact with a very important person. This VIP was my wife. When she finally got my attention, she received a curt response from me that was borderline rude. 

As leaders, we need to focus on the important things and have the tenacity to stay with the issue until it is resolved. However, allowing ourselves to over focus can cause damage to those we are leading. Likewise, our hyper attention can send negative messages and keep us from leading well. If we are honest, we must admit that many times putting our tasks before our people is simply a poor choice. We selfishly desire to solve a problem and thus we prioritize it above the people within our circle of influence

Fortunately for me, my VIP was gracious and allowed me to refocus my attention without spending a night in the dog house. However, it was a good reminder for me that I have a responsibility to focus on the right things at the right time. As leaders, we do not have the right to slight our team or the people we care about in the name of accomplishing our task. Choose to put people before the task and you will make a difference.