The Mother Bird

She had worked so hard. Little by little, she followed her construction plan until it was complete. This mother bird had meticulously built her nest right in the middle of one of my wife's hanging baskets full of flowers. All went well until our cat discovered the nest. By this time, the nest had eggs. This simply was too much temptation for our cat, so we carefully moved the hanging basket to a different location. This is where the problem started. The mother bird continued to fly back to the original location of her nest. Even though her nest was just feet away in a safe location she would not change her flight. Back to the original spot she flew, over and over, never thinking that she should try something different or that perhaps she should look somewhere else. 
Change is a scary thing. It is also inevitable. I noticed that those who are resistant to change are like the mother bird. They continue to do the same things the same way because it is comfortable. However, they fail to realize that staying with the status quo is a recipe for failure. While refusing to embrace new ideas, new processes, or new growth opportunities may be comfortable in the short term, but in the long term it will lead to stagnation, loss of innovation, and creativity. 
Whether it is technology, culture, or relationships, the truth is they all are changing. When we commit to becoming life-long learners who embrace change, we will find ourselves truly making a difference. 

PS – The jury is still out on the mother bird. Here's to hoping she will embrace change!