Leading Change

Leading Change

Change. That word can cause chaos, fear, anger, anxiety, and paranoia. The same word can result in jubilation, gratefulness, peace of mind, and excited anticipation. The one thing that is certain is that we all will experience change. Nothing in this life stays the same. Our bodies change, our careers change, our businesses change, our relationships change and yes, our leadership changes. 

I have witnessed and experienced transitions that were successful and those that were not. The difference is effective leadership. It begins with not avoiding or resisting change. Instead it is about navigating change in a way that is consistent with our core values personally, and professionally. While timing is certainly important, the process is just as vital to successful change. Knowing when and how to facilitate change is what separates poor or average leaders from those who excel in leading others. Leaders who take the time to gather relevant data, understand the culture, and seek the wisdom of trusted team members, then develop an extensive plan to communicate to those affected, are those who will successfully execute a new direction or strategy.  

Make no mistake; there will be those who will oppose, and those who do not understand. Hard calls will need to be made. In the end however, when we navigate change with an intentional process we increase our credibility with those who are in our circle of influence. Building trust among those around you is key to competency for any successful leader.

Choose to lead change by communicating with those who will be affected and you will make a difference!

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