Building a Culture

Building a Culture

It seems to be the thing that leaders need the most; and yet, it is incredibly difficult to find. There are programs and concepts and keys which are well intended. The problem is that good intentions get you nowhere. Simply put, leaders need a way to get their teams to execute with ownership and energy.

I was with a newly formed leadership team recently, who looked and sounded very different. They were engaged and energized and had sincere desire to invest in their team members. I was not surprised. A few weeks ago while in an executive coaching session with their leader, she made a comment that I will not soon forget. We were discussing this onsite with her team when this senior executive said, "We are building a culture of commitment instead of accountability". She explained, "When you have commitment, accountability will follow. We understand the importance of managing the metrics and executing the systems that lead to success. However, unless we have commitment that begins with our leaders, the accountability will not be sustainable."

Thinking about our leadership in those terms can be a game changer. When we realize that we must build a foundation of trust, expectation and reward, it may alter the way we lead those within our circle of influence. While the end goal has to be about achieving results, the path to sustaining achieved goals begins with fostering an authentic relationship. 

When we focus on building a culture of commitment instead of a prison of rules and regulations, we will make a difference.

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Dr. Larry Little, CEO