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Much-Loved Monkey

One of the greatest strengths of the Much-Loved Monkey is his or her people skills. Not only do Monkeys love to have fun, but they are generally fun to be around as well. Because of their people orientation, Monkeys have what is called "discernment." This means that a Monkey can look you in the eye and know when you're hurting, when you're lonely, or when you're happy. 

Monkeys are normally extroverted and have a natural connectivity with others. They have huge hearts, which translates into authentically caring about others. When Monkeys sense that something is wrong with someone, they want to help because of their large capacity for compassion and empathy. 

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Leading Lion

Leading Lions are those people who fly at thirty thousand feet. They see the forest, not the trees. A Lion focuses on the destination, not the journey, and has no problem envisioning where he's headed. Lions focus on their tasks and stay the course until they reach their goal. They are not afraid to take risks, because the end result is squarely in their sights. 

Being generally extroverted, Lions move fast and furiously and do not like being idle. Lions generally look like leaders because they can see and enjoy the tasks that are required to accomplish the vision set before them. Leading can come very naturally to Lions, because of their strong personalities and capability to make quick decisions. 

Task-driven and extroverted, Lions have the drive and vision to be a powerful and results-driven leader.


Competent Camel

Competent Camels care much more about the process than the accomplishment. In other words, they are more concerned about how to get to the bottom line than actually getting to the bottom line. When you think of Camels, think of processors, organizers, or systemic thinkers. 

It's all in the details for Camels. They are naturally introverted and pride themselves on following the rules. Camels and Boy Scouts have the same motto: always be prepared. Spontaneity is not a friend of the Camel. Ms. Camel likes to have a plan, follow the plan, and complete the plan. Camels will have their act together and go to great lengths to make sure all the details have been covered. 


Tranquil Turtle

Tranquil Turtles place an incredible amount of importance on one-on-one interpersonal relationships. They are person oriented. Whether personal or business, Turtles bring perspective to the relationship. They are intensely loyal and have the ability to bring much wisdom to a given situation. When the Tranquil Turtle speaks it is important to listen, for the Turtle's wisdom can save time, money, and increase productivity in a business. 

In relationships, that wisdom can prove to be vital in establishing perspective and understanding.


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